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The CPC Committee of SMD always follows the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development, emphasizes on the organization construction, institutional improvement and team building with learning construction and activity construction as carriers, firmly marches on the path of school development, frees up the mind, implements the policy of reform and innovation, effectively carries out party lectures, fully takes advantage of the political core role of CPC committee at SMD, continuously enhances the cohesion of the party, and strives to promote the smooth progress of SMD’s work and activities in all respects.

Under the correct leadership of CPC SJTU and SMD committees, a team of student party members with strong political quality and excellent academic records has been formed, which has played an important exemplary vanguard role. Keeping to the policy of “adhere to standards, ensure the quality, improve the structure, deliberately develop new members”, the quality of student party members is getting controlled so as to maintain the progressiveness and purity of the party.

Under the CPC SMD committee, there are four party branches of teaching staff with 56 staff party members in total and nine party branches of students with 255 student party members in total.