Faculty & Research
Christopher Wu
Associate Professor of Design
Email: chriswu456@hotmail.com

Christopher Wu was   born in Shanghai in 1961. He was admitted to the Department of Stage Design   of the Shanghai Theatre Academy in September 1978 even before finishing high school. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1982. He went to the   United States in 1985. After graduating from the Pennsylvania Academy of the   Fine Arts, the oldest art school in America, he moved to New York in 1990. He   returned to Shanghai in 2003, and joined the faculty of the School of Media   and Design at Shanghai Jiaotong University, where he initiated a European Art History program. He also established a   Fine Arts Department and served as its first chairman. He is currently a   member of The Chinese Artists Association and The Shanghai Artists   Association.

Since 2005, he has   participated in more than 53 exhibitions, including The 7th National Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition which won him a Bronze Medal, The National   Exhibition of Small-Scale Landscape and Genre Paintings in Oil which also won   him a Prize for Excellence, The 8th National Watercolor and Pastel   Exhibition, The 11th National Exhibition of Fine Arts: Watercolors and   Pastels, The 9th National Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition, and The 10th   National Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition.

A “Renaissance   man”(so called by the press) and a highly accomplished painter, he has been   the focus of so much media attention that the stories about him and his works   have been featured more than 178 times in 58 books, newspapers and magazines   in the past several years. His works have appeared in 81 catalogs so far.

In the European   classical tradition, his paintings, elegant in style with flawless techniques   and refined details, made him a highly sought after artist. He has received   many important commissions from museums, institutions and government in   recent years. “The Lunar New Year a genre painting   depicting twelve cherubic children in   traditional Chinese costumes playing with firecrackers in a garden was very   well received by visitors of The Zhujiajiao Culture and History Museum. It is   not only the most beloved painting in the museum, but also the most   frequently pirated image of its kind by the media (So far it has been found   in more than 9 newspapers and magazines, including the covers of two   magazines). A series of five paintings (pentaptych) depicting “Five Generations of Leaders in Changning   District” commissioned by the government is the centerpiece of The   Shanghai Cohesion Project Museum. Another painting entitled “Affection” (also known as “Maternity Ward”) is in the collection   of the same Museum. He is currently working on a large scale historical   painting “Battle across the Yangtze   River”, which will become the most important painting in The China   Maritime Museum.