Faculty & Research
Huizhong Gu
Professor of Design
Vice Curator of Chengji Art Gallery


Huizhong Gu was born in Shanghai in 1957 and graduated from the Stage Design Specialty of Shanghai Theater Academy in 1980. He serves as a member of the Steering Committee in Art Education of China Ministry of Education, the Vice Chairman of Shanghai Industrial Design Association, the Deputy Director of Shanghai Design Center, the Deputy Director of the Packaging Design Specialized Committee of Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, a member of China Artists Association, a member of Shanghai Artists Association, the Deputy Chair of Powder Painting Committee of Shanghai Artists Association, a member of the Digital Art Committee of China Society of Image and Graphics, and an editorial board member of Shanghai Packaging.



SJTU Annual Assessment Award, the Special Grade Prize of SJTU Excellent Textbooks Award (twice), the Special Grade Prize and the First Class Prize of SJTU Excellent Teaching Achievements Award, the Third Class Prize of Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievements Award, 2005 Shanghai Outstanding Teacher Award sponsored by Shanghai Art Talent Foundation.

His paintings have been selected in the 9th, 10th, and 11th China Art Exhibition and six times selected in China Watercolor Powder Painting Exhibition. Moreover, his paintings have won National Excellent Art Work Award, and his design works were selected three times in National Design Exhibition.


Selected Publications

Books: Modelling Foundation, Professional Foundation, Professional Courses, Paper Packaging Design, Design and Design Management

Articles published in Chinese core journals in related areas: Localized Packaging Design of Wilson Sports Goods, Traditional Culture and Modern Packaging, Advertising Education in Chinese Colleges, Artistic Urbanites and the Art of Urbanites


Research Interest                                

1. Theory and Methodology of Design Art