Domestic Programs

School of Media and Design has two cross-disciplinary doctoral programs: New Media Communication and Management program and Design Science and Engineering program, which started enrolling in 2006. The program of New Media Communication and Management aims to train professionals with both research capacity and practical skills. Those who acquire a degree are expected to have a broad, inter-disciplinary and open knowledge base, logical-thinking ability and innovating ability. This program covers three disciplines including Journalism and Communication, Literacy and Management. The cross-disciplinary feature can better promote the integration and development of multiples disciplines. The program of Design Science and Engineering aims at training high level professionals who are strong at thinking and researching in areas including innovating, smart manufacturing, quality control and branding. Those who aspire to earn a degree should have the ability to acquire the latest theoretical knowledge and apply it to industrial design and management. Every year, the employment rate of graduates from both programs is 100%. Most of them have been engaged in important teaching and research activities at universities and colleges in China.