Faculty & Research
Wuzhong Zhou
Head of The Department of Design
Professor of Design
Ph.D. Supervisor

Zhou Wuzhong (Jiangyin, Jiangsu, 1963) is the professor, Ph.D.   supervisor and director of SJTU Design Department. He serves as the Director   of Institute for Tourism and Landscape Architecture at SJTU, Chief Landscape   Architect of SJTUAD and a member of the Landscape Architecture Expert   Committee in Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the   Population, Resource and Environment Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang.


Professor Zhou’s research interests focus on tourism planning and design,   gardens and designed landscapes, flower civilization, environmental planning   and design, landscape and urban horticulture, design arts. Professionally,   Professor Zhou has over 20 years of professional experience and has leaded more   than 30 major tourism planning and landscape design programs, as well as many   research projects funded by public/private partnerships. Besides, he initiates   and coordinates several international academic conferences and served as the   chairman of the 3rd International Conference on Landscape and   Urban Horticulture (2011) and the International Conference on Cultural   Heritage Protection and Tourism Development (2006). His research on these   issues has received several awards including the Outstanding Achievement   Awards from the ISHS and China Top 10 Most   Influential Tourism Planning Designer.


In 1984 Professor Zhou received a Bachelor’s Degree from   Department of Horticulture in Nanjing Agricultural University. Since then, he   joined the faculty in this department and became a lecture in 1988 and   associate professor in 1993. After that, He served on numerous positions   including Deputy Director of Yangzhou Construction Committee from 1995 to   2001, Deputy Minister of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese   Kuomintang in Yangzhou, Vice-president of Yangzhou Suburban Branch of CPPCC   and the 8th CPPCC member of Jiangsu Province. In 2001 he earned a Ph.D. in   Fine Arts from Nanjing Arts University and began to join Southeast University   as Professor and Dean of the Tourism Department. Besides, he did his   post-doctoral research in School of Architecture in Southeast University   (2003-2007) and became a visiting scholar at Texas A&M University and   Leibniz University Hannover. In 2007 Professor was transferred to School of   Arts in Southeast University and was awarded as the Academic Leader in   Design, then he joined SJTU in 2012 at School of Median and Design.


Professor Zhou has served as the member of Commission Landscape   and Urban Horticulture of ISHS, international member of American Society of   Landscape Architects (ASLA), president of China Association for Flower   Civilizationexecutive director of China Flower Association, director of   Chinese Association of Parks, China National Eco-Civilization Association and   China Tourism Association, decision-making consultant of Jiangsu Province.