Faculty & Research
Zhenyu Gu
Professor of Industrial Design
Director of Interactive Design Institute
Ph.D. Supervisor

Zhen Yu GU is currently the director of the Interaction Design Lab in the school and Executive Director of China Information & Interaction Design Association. He obtained his PhD from School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2006. His research interests include User Experience, Aesthetic Computing and Data Driven Interface Design. He has published more than thirty Journal and conference papers. He is invited as co-chairs or session chairs for a number of international conferences such as DC&C, HCII. He is also the PI of several research projects from NSF, Ministry of Education and HK research grant committee. The University awarded him as the best graduate supervisor in year 2013. Student projects he coached have won prizes from several well-known competitions such as Microsoft imagine cup, ITC100, IF, Reddot, lighton and so on.

selected papers:


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