Faculty & Research
Jinzhang Jiang
Vice Dean of SMD
Professor of Journalism and Communication
Ph.D. Supervisor
Email: jinzhangphd@163.com

Jinzhang Jiang is Professor and  Vice Dean of School of Media and Design at Shanghai  Jiao Tong University. In the Department of Journalism and Communication, he serves as a PhD Supervisor and Director of SJTU-SSN News Media Joint Lab (Yun He New Media Lab).  He is a member of Chinese Association of Communication,Asian Association of Social Psychology, International  Association for Chinese Management Research.  He is an adjunct professor  of School of Business at Nanjing University. He serves as an executive director of China Association of   Press Technicians, Shanghai Securities Newsand the chief strategist  at cnstock.com.

He is an innovative scholar and educator who value interdisciplinary learning. His teaching and research mainly focuses on two   areas: journalism and communication (New Media ManagementMedia ManagementInternet Economics) ; management (Corporate Strategic ManagementHuman Resource ManagementKnowledge Innovation and Culture Industry   Management).

He earned a BA in   Economic Management from China Radio and Television University. After   receiving his Master of Engineering Management degree from Nanjing University   of Aeronautics and Astronautics, he earned his PhD in Management from Nanjing   University and later spent years as a Post-Doctoral Fellow there.  He   got professional trainings from The School of Business at Montclair State   University about “Securities, Futures and accounting”, Statistical Analysis from SPSS and research methods from Nobel   Prize  Economics winner Lawrence R. Klei and Andrew Michael Spence.

He served as a director of General Machinery Plant and Rolling Mill Factory in Jinhu County,Jiangsu province、 Council of Jiang Su   Economic Planning、 Department of Jiangsu   Securities Financial Service and China Economic Development Trust Investment Company. His also worked as chief executive for companies including Nanjing   Fuxiang Real Estate Company、Jiangsu Wangyuan Company、Shanghai Guangtai Investment Company, DAQO Group.