2016 Int'l New Media Forum Announced

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“2016 International Forum on New Media”

Call for Papers



The “2016 International Forum on New Media” cosponsored by School of Media and Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and International Communication Association (ICA) will be held in Shanghai on 15th, October, 2016. The theme of the forum is “Future Media: Opportunities and Challenges”. The president of ICA Professor ANG Peng Hwa, former president Professor Peter Vorderer and Professor Francois Heinderyckx, chief-editor of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication Professor Shyam Sundar, chief-editor of the Journal of Communication Professor Silvio Waisbord, together with scholars and research students home and abroad will gather to discuss pressing global issues on new media trends, their future application fields, as well as the implication on human life.


1. Forum Background


New media technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles, virtual realityaugmented reality, Internet of things, and wearable devices have brought about a variety of future possibilities; future media such as affective computing, neuro-cognitive science, and machine learning has also provided media studies with new perspectives and methodologies; things like big data, machine writing, and social media have aggressively reshaped the ways of communication in human life. To sum up, it is the digital age that endows future media with unlimited space for researchers to imagine and explore. What will future media look like?  What kind of opportunities and challenges will it bring to the world as well as Chinese media industry? Considering those issues, School of Media and Design, SJTU and ICA call for a fourth time cooperation, jointly to hold 2016 New Media Global Forum.


2. Forum Subjects


The conference theme is “Future Media: Opportunities and Challenges”, which includes the following sub-forums:


Future media technologies and applications;

New directions for future media studies;

Future media and the development of communication theory;

Future media and the transformation of media industry;

SSCI journal editor forum;

Future media and journalism education;

Dean’s forum;

Student’s forum.



3. Forum Schedule


3.1 Forum day: 15th, October, 2016,

3.2 Submission opening: 1st, August, 2016; 

      Submission deadline: 5th, October, 2016:;

Sending acceptance notices: 1st, October, 2016;

Registration day: 14th, October, 2016 (9:00 AM until 17:00 PM);

3.3 Forum day schedule

      Opening ceremony and keynote speech: morning, 15th, October, 2016;

      Group discussion: afternoon, 15th, October, 2016;

  Banquet and awarding: dinner time, 15th, October, 2016.



4. Submission Requirements


i) Online submission only. Both Chinese and English are acceptable;

ii) Submission by e-mail:

iii) Paper format and length:

For English paper, paper should follow the 6th edition APA style;

For Chinese paper, paper should follow the 6th edition APA style or follow

the national standard cataloguing rule;

Paper should be submitted in MS Word (Windows or Mac) format;

The paper should not exceed 8,000 words in total, including abstract, figures

and references;

iv) Certain parts of the submitted papers such as titles and abstracts may appear on the website, document or other media relating to this forum. The selected paper will be published in the forum bulletin, however, the authors still have the rights to publish his/her paper on other publications.

v) Submission time starts from 1st, August until 5th, October, 2016.



5. Registration Fee


The registration fee is free for those whose paper has been accepted. However, participants need to afford transportation, accommodation fee as well as insurance all by themselves.


6. Conference Secretary


Wang  Ning

Tel: +86-21-34205809


Address: Media & Design Shanghai Jiao Tong University 800 Dongchuan Road Shanghai, 200240 China