Two former presidents of the PCST Network came to the Media and Communication school for roundtable discussion

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On the afternoon of November 2nd, Mr. Toss Gascoigne, the inaugural president of the Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) Network, and Dr. Jenni Metcalfe, the former president, were invited to the School of Media and Communication for discussions and exchanges with faculty and students. The symposium took place in Room B300 of the school, with Professor Xu Jian, Vice Dean (Presiding) of the school, representatives of young faculty members, and student representatives in attendance. The meeting was chaired by Associate Professor Mou Yi, Assistant to the Dean.



During the symposium, Mr. Gascoigne and Dr. Metcalfe shared the historical development, founding principles, and achievements of the PCST Network. The two guests highly praised the School of Media and Communication for its outstanding research work in the fields of science communication and intelligent communication. They also expressed keen anticipation for the 2027 biennial meeting of the PCST Network, which will be held in Shanghai.




Author of Text and Images: Jianfeng Lan