Shanghai Jiao Tong University's 'Zou Taofen Outstanding Journalism Navigation Program' officially launched

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On January 9th, the launch ceremony of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's "Zou Taofen Outstanding Journalism Navigation Program" (hereinafter referred to as the " Navigation Program") took place at the Xuhui campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Attendees included Liu Shian, Party Secretary and President of the People's Daily Shanghai Branch, Chen Songqing, Party Secretary, President, and Editor-in-Chief of Jiefang Daily, Yuan Lei, Vice Director and Vice President of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), Ding Bo, Vice President of Shanghai United Media Group, Sun Weixing, Director of the Department-University Joint-Construction Office of Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, Zhang Qin, Deputy Director of the Press Office of the Publicity Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Pan Xu, Editor of Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch, Wu Shanyang, Editor of the Shanghai Station of the China Media Group; Yang Zhenbin, Party Secretary of SJTU, Hu Weiwei, Deputy Party Secretary of SJTU, Hu Hao, Party Standing Committee Member and Director of the Publicity Department of SJTU. The ceremony was presided over by Hu Weiwei.



Yang Zhenbin, Liu Shian, Chen Songqing, Yuan Lei, Ding Bo, and Sun Weixing jointly launched the "Navigation Program" Shanghai Jiao Tong University, adhering to the spirit of Zou Taofen, has introduced the "Navigation Program" based on the "Zou Taofen Excellent Media Talent Program." It aims to create a model of a "dual mentor system + Taofen lecture hall + project-based learning + pre-training," bringing together industry resources, expanding its scale, and guiding young students to establish ideals in journalism. The program continuously explores new models and pathways for delivering professional journalism talents.

The "Navigation Program" has received strong support from mainstream media organizations. Twenty-two winners of awards such as the Changjiang Taofen Award, China News Award, and Golden Microphone Award from various central and Shanghai media units have been appointed as industry mentors. The program aims to achieve in-depth integration between the industry and academia, providing a "large classroom" of practical journalism for the cultivation of media talents at the university, enriched with practical experience, cutting-edge media production technology, and vivid news reporting experiences.



Yang Zhenbin presented letters of appointment to the industry mentors for the first session of the " Navigation Program."

Tian Hong, Deputy Director of the Interview Department at the People's Daily Shanghai Branch, Pan Xu, Editor of Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Branch, Zhu Minwu, Chief Editor of the Politics Channel at Jiefang Daily, and Xing Wei, Deputy Director of the In-depth Reporting Department at the Shanghai Media Group's New Media Center, spoke as mentor representatives.

Liu Shian, Ding Bo, Chen Songqing delivered speeches.

Yang Zhenbin gave a concluding speech.


Officials from the Party Committee Publicity Department, Graduate School, and Development Liaison Office of the university, as well as the first batch of industry mentors from the " Navigation Program" and representatives of faculty and students from the School of Media and Communication, attended the launch ceremony.