Faculty & Research
Qi Shao
Head of The Department of Film and Television
Associate Professor of Film and Television
Vice Director of Digital Media Art Research Institute


Qi Shao was born in Shanghai in 1966. He studied at China Film Art Research Center. After then, he began his graduate study at the Graduate School of Beijing Film Academy and received his Master degree there. At the School of Journalism in Fudan University, he completed his Ph.D. study. At present, he serves as a member of the Theoretical Work Committee of China Film Association and a judge of Top 10 Best Chinese Films.



2006 SJTU Outstanding Teacher Award


Film and Television Works and Publications

Selected film and television works include Illusive Girl (film, director, produced by Xi’an Film Studio), The Story of a Small Station (TV drama), Black Mountain (TV drama), The Essence of Chinese Culture (TV video), The Road of Unblinding (TV video), The Century (TV video), and etc.


He has published one monograph entitled Introduction to Chinese Television and more than ten articles. Selected papers include Film and Television Communication, Evolution of the Television Communication in Contemporary China, The Financing Strategies of Film Production in China, Audience and Film Narration, and etc.


Research Interests

1.  Film and Television Art Creation

2.  Film and Television Communication

3.  Film and Television Industry