Faculty & Research
Ningjia Zhu
Associate Professor of Cultural Industry and Management
Ph.D. in Chinese Language and Literature


Ningjia Zhu was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, in 1964. She studied in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Zhejiang Normal University, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Hangzhou University and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Renmin University of China and obtained a Ph.D. degree.



The Second Class Guanghua Scholarship of Hangzhou University in 1996;

Her article entitled Negative Effects and Positive Regulation of Quantitative Management won The Third Class Prize in Excellent Education and Teaching Essay Competition of Zhejiang Province in 1998;

Her article entitled Theme with Variation won The Third Class Prize in National Excellent Film Essay Competition for The 50th Anniversary of New China sponsored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Bureau of Culture and Sports of the Publicity Department of the General Political Department, in 2000.


Research Projects and Publications

She has hosted and participated in five research projects and has published about 20 articles. Amongst her publications, three articles, i.e., Research and Discussion on Current Frontier Problems of Literature and Arts, Theoretical Crisis and Solutions in this Diversified Era and The Realistic Vitality of Humanities in Scholars’ Voice, are reprinted by Periodical Literatures Reprinted by Renmin University. Moreover, she was involved in the compilation of two textbooks and the translation of one history and philosophy monograph.


Research Interests

1.  Basic Theory of Literature and Art

2.  Chinese Cultural Creative Industry