Faculty & Research



The Center for City Creativity and Communication (3C Center) was established in October 2010.


At the time 2010 Shanghai World Expo has been just finished, Dr. WANG Haoqing, the creative director and spokesman of Shanghai Pavilion, was deeply inspired by the expo theme “Better City, Better Life”. Combined with her years’ research and teaching experience, she founded the 3C Center and serves as the first director. 


3C Center aims to advance China’s urban innovation and globalization. It mainly provides the research, consulting, training and program planning service in four fields: Urban Cultural Planning, Smart City, Creative City, and City Communication. Moreover, it initiated Smarter City Citizen Lab, jointly with Shanghai Jingan distinct government and Shanghai Informatization Youth Talent Association. The lab is committed to facilitate the communication and collaboration between government, industry, citizen and research institute based on citizen’s direct experience and comments on digital city applications, so as to cooperatively serve the construction of smart Shanghai.


As a visiting scholar at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Dr. WANG Haoqing started the collaboration with Chendu government and initiated the Urban Innovation and Future Leadership Chendu Research Program to focus on the urban and government management innovation research together with Harvard research power.