Faculty & Research

Introduction of Yunhe New Media Lab

Yunhe New Media Lab is joint-established by School of Media and Design of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Securities News, cnstock.com and Sinosoft Co.,Ltd. Prof. Jiang Jinzhang is the director.

The four key functions of the lab are Test Function, Educational Function, Internship Function and Job Function. Yunhe New Media Lab is dedicated to the theory, technology and application of Cloud Media. The lab breaks the boundary between universities and the media industry by combining together the new media research results in universities, the software technology supports from IT enterprises and the line operation of media companies, and realizes a one-stop-service for technology innovation, product research and development and talents cultivation:“The lab is also committed to cultivate talents for new media research and management. New media with its distinctive features of interactivity, timeliness, technicality and innovativeness, requires an uncompromised employability of the students major in media to well meet the needs of the media industry. Yunhe New Media Lab has a function combination of new media technology research, innovativeness education and students’ internship. In this lab, students can have practical work experience while remaining within doors.”;“The lab also has a multi-media room which supports the open and interactive CSW(Constructivist Stimulation on Web) classes, which enables students to have access to internet, easy team discussion and project their questions they shared onto the pulpit. The double-screen projector can display the questions and the theoretical analysis to the questions side by side. 

Till now, the ongoing research projects of the lab includes “Key Technologies of the Production and Service of Cloud”, “Research On the Relationship Between Communication Form of New Media and Satisfaction & Performance of Cooperation” and other projects, which are on the list of the Nation 863 Project and funded by Natural Science Foundation. The establishment of the lab is an innovative step for Shanghai Jiaotong University on the way from liberal arts to experimental science.

 The lab is equipped with “Media 360 All Media Acquisition and Processing Platform”,a leading production management software in the national media industry. The overall design conception of the software is proposed by Dr Jiang Jinzhang, professor of School of Media and Design of Shanghai Jiaotong University and head of Yunhe New Media Lab, who is also involved in the whole process of the development of the software. The software was awarded the 1st prize in the 5th WangXuan News Science and Technology in 2011. A computer in the lab can have access to the database of Shanghai Securities News and cnstock.com with the production management platform, enables students to have practical work experience while remaining within doors.