Faculty & Research

Introduction of New Media Management Institute

New media management institute was founded in the spring of 2009, which is initiated by interdisciplinary scholars of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Director of  the institute is Prof. Jiang Jinzhang.We have chaired the social science foundation of China, natural science foundation and the National 863 project in 3 years. The team has published more than 20 papers in the field of the new media management, and also won the national scientific research award.

The key research direction of our institute is new media organization management, new media management of organization and digital transformation of organization. New media society has dawn, the future society is the new media society, the organization of the future is a new media organization, and the men of the future are the new media men. For the world, new media is the biggest impact in the foreseeable future. The core of modern manufacturing industry, service industry and culture industry is the application of new media. The institute upward extending is new media research, downward applied research is the digitalize transformation of organizational and social.

The development and strategic plan of institute

1. In 2011, the Cloud River New Media Research Laboratory was established by the Media & Design School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Shanghai Securities News, China Securities Network and Branch of soft Polytron Technologies Inc. All computers in the lab have installed multiple information intelligent management and service software, media production and management software, to provide teachers and students in new media practice & experimental platform, and establish the simulation teaching system construction based on the network environment.

2. Carry out the New Media Industry Development Research: the study of new media organization pattern to gain profit and economic value, industry environment and industry structure, the industry development trend.

3、Carry out the New Media Industry Development Research:study the New media development strategy、management system、human resources management(including New media communication and the employment relationship、Performance appraisal of new media)、assets management、financial management,etc. Provide new management strategy and development ideas for media organizations in the new digital media environment.

4、Carry out New media marketing and advertising research: Study the New media advertisement products, advertising value and marketing strategy, spread e-business models,using the idea of Integrated Marketing Communication to take advantage of New media communication.

5、Carry out the management of the new media and digital transformation research: study new media communication systems within organizations、E-commerce and visualization process management.

6、Carry out various fund project application, the application for the national or provincial research base, establishment of experiment and practice base for teaching and training of actual combat places, and set up a new media vocational training,adopt the “school–new media platform-a media organization” vocational training mode,  hold a variety of professional media rolling skills training courses all years, combine the professional qualification certificate, education certificate with career development planning, provide services for media professional talents.

7、Establish interdisciplinary New Media Management  Advisory Group,  carry out some long-term services for new media projects , acquire shares in media companies in the form of intellectual property,provide special studies for media companies and strive for establishing fund to provide funding for all projects