Faculty & Research


Being responsible for the academic echelon construction of Environment and landscape planning disciplines in School of Media & Design,Institute of Tourism and Landscape Architecture is established on the advantage of Communication Studies,Design Studies and Management in Shanghai Jiao Tong University,and the main tasks of this institute is to train all the undergraduates and postgraduates.In addition,Institute of Tourism and Landscape Architecture is an interdisciplinary study heights, lots of academic achievements are made here.

Key research direction: Environmental art design and management/ Landscape theory/ Tourism planning design and management research/ Green urban design study/ Art creativity industry research/ Flower culture industry research/ Tourism commodity development and design

Landscape Science and Tourism Science are two new branches of science,it’s just more than years before they each become an independent discipline in the modern sense,but they both develop so quickly.Thanks to the high development rate,especially the scenery tourist area construction boom, the compound talents of Scenery Tourism Planning and Design are particularly important. It is because that landscape architecture planner may usually ignore the needs of tourism market,meanwhile Tourism planning personnel are lack in knowledge of natural ecology and the protection of cultural relics, and in this case resources,environment and cultural relics would be destroyed. It is in this background Institute of Tourism and Landscape Architecture was set up.

The Dean of Institute of Tourism and Landscape Architecture, Professor Zhou Wuzhong,is one of the founders of Landscape Architecture Specialty in Yangzhou University, Jiangsu Oriental Landscape Design Institute, Institute of Tourism and Landscape Architecture in Southeast University and Jiangsu Tourism Society. Institute of Tourism and Landscape Architecture takes the lead nationwide on Chinese and Western Landscape and Garden Art Comparative Study, Landscape Esthetics Research and Tourism Planning Design and Management.Moreover,the teaching material compile for universal use, Garden Aesthetics and Introduction to Tourism are also one of the academic achievements.

The last but not the least,this team also welcome the specialists and scholars of world famous universities,designer firm and relevant international organizations,relevant departments in technology of Shang Hai,and the team leader who have excellent design and management experience.