Faculty & Research



Design Management Research Institute (DMRI) was founded in November 2006. The former director is Professor LIU Guoyu, and the present director is Associate Professor ZHANG Liqun. The aim of DMRI is to enhance the research and teaching of design management theory. So far, a series of design management courses have been offered, and design management teaching materials written and published by the DMRI faculty have been selected as excellent study materials by the Ministry of Education.


At present, DMRI is staffed by two professors, three associate professors, and more than ten graduate students. It successfully completed an EU-funded project “Asian-link Design Management Curriculum System Research” jointly with other design schools from U.K., Italy, Sweden, and Denmark. In addition, it successfully held D2B The First International Design Management Summit and 2011 China’s Design and Innovation Academic Conference, and co-organized The 2nd to 4th Design Management Conferences.


DMRI emphasizes product strategy research and design related studies. It is dedicated to the research and exploration of strategic management of design in the boundaries of organizing and marketing strategies. In specific, our research goal is to reveal the interactions between design and management, realize the maximum of design utility and business value, and contribute to the crucial research issues about design and economic development, design and decision-making, design and organizational innovation, and design and project management. Therefore, the combination of design practice and design management research is the distinctive feature of our institute.


Moreover, DMRI is active in policy research of creative design industries in Shanghai and surrounding areas. Through the in-depth study of design theory and methods, design techniques, tools, systems, platforms, procedures, standards, regulations, and management, solid evidences could be obtained to support the formulation of relevant policies. Furthermore, DMRI is looking forward to becoming a common research and innovation platform for enterprises, social organizations, governments and any organizations and practitioners realizing the value of design.


Research Areas

·  Product and Service Innovation Strategy

·  Theory and Practice of User Research

·  Design Strategy

·  Urban Culture and Design Industry Innovation