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Department of Design


Head: Professor Wuzhong Zhou

Associate Head: Associate Professor Fanqiang Kong; Associate Professor Jiong Fu


Ø  Industrial Design


Director: Associate Professor Ting Han


The Industrial Design Specialty was founded in 1986, as one of the earliest industrial design specialties in China. The specialty aims to integrate arts and techniques and provide creative products and services for the market. To deliver the best education and research, the specialty is staffed by faculty members who have broad, varied backgrounds with advanced educational philosophy and strong research and professional expertise. In teaching and research activities, interdisciplinary research and knowledge innovation are always emphasized, and in effect, distinctive teaching and research features of this specialty have been formed.


A series of teaching and research teams have been gradually formed, such as Design Management, Interaction Design, and Design Trends. Adhering to the traditional advantages of SJTU, the Industrial Design Specialty prominently features itself in discipline integration and knowledge innovation. The primary mission of the specialty is to “train design masters and top design talents”, “form design research communities with international influence”, “become the base for serving significant national demands”, “construct a multi-disciplinary design innovation and research practice platform”, and contribute to the preparation of knowledge and talents for the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.


The specialty has nurtured a lot of new product design and development professionals for renowned local and International enterprises, such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Pan Asia, General Motors, Shanghai Automotive, Nissan, China Telecom, Huanwei Digital, Baidu, Huawei, Samsung, Haier, Intel, Microsoft, and Autodesk.


Ø  Visual Communication


Director: Lecturer Pengcheng Li


The Visual Communication Specialty possesses a history of 20 years. It is powered by a faculty of reputable professors and design experts drawn from renowned universities worldwide. Among the faculty, 11 members (including 4 professors, 3 associate professors, 4 lecturers, and 1 teaching assistant) are teaching specialized courses, and 6 members (including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, and 2 lecturers) are teaching foundation courses.


The specialty is equipped with comprehensive international teaching systems and state-of-the-art teaching facilities. Current well-established teaching and research sections mainly include basic teaching section, visual communication and design section, Chinese and British education research center in art and design area, comprehensive material laboratory, photography laboratory, silk-screen printing laboratory, library, and Mac computer room.


Students trained by the specialty have been involved in crucial design industries and played an important role in relevant design colleges and enterprises. Design works from our students and faculty members have won many influential domestic and international awards, such as Gold Medal in 2010 New York Advertising Festivals, Gold Medal in 2011 Busan International Advertising Festival, and “Oriental Star” Design Gold Award. Moreover, the outstanding performance of our students in their challenging careers, such as Ye Feng (Shanghai Top 10 Young Creative Talents), Li Jilong (National Top 10 Art Directors of 4A Advertising Companies), and Liu Shu (VFX director at Blue Sky Studio, 21st Century Fox, Inc.), fully attests the brilliant achievements made by our graduates in the past decades.


Ø Landscape and Environmental Art


Director: Lecturer Xiaojing Su


The aim of this specialty is to train and educate specialized environmental design talents with professional expertise in space design theory and proficient environmental design and development skills. Towards this goal, the specialty offers the teaching of basic theory of interior design and landscape design, enlightens students on creative design thinking and advanced research methods, broadens students’ vision with latest environmental art achievements worldwide and cutting-edge environmental design trends, familiarizes students with the properties of architectural and decoration materials, and nurtures students’ design and management abilities in environmental art and design.


Ø  Foundation Teaching


Director: Associate Professor Gang Li

The Foundation Teaching Section offers basic art courses for other specialties of SMD and also related specialties of other schools. At the graduate level, the section offers Master of Fine Arts program. Besides teaching the undergraduate and graduate courses, the section is active in research and artistic creation in Chinese Painting, Western Painting, Calligraphy, and so on.