SMD & Hanyang University Cooperation Agreement

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On December 12th, the Signing Ceremony of a Student Exchange and Academic & Scientific Cooperation Agreement between School of Media and Design (SMD), SJTU and two schools of Hanyang University: College of Communication & Social Science and College of Design, was successfully held in SMD. Prof. Li Benqian, Dean of SMD, Sanpil Han, Dean of College of Communication & Social Science and Jaewhan Lee, Dean of College of Design signed the agreement. The ceremony was hosted by Han Ting, Associate Dean of SMD and attended by representatives of both universities.


This agreement aims at expanding educational as well as academic cooperation between SMD of SJTU and College of Communication & Social Science and College of Design of Hanyang University through various student-exchange programs and joint-research programs. The signing of this agreement is one of the many achievements SMD has made with its global strategy.

Prof. Li Benqian made an opening remark. Sanpil Han and Jaewhan Lee also addressed the ceremony. They all expressed willingness to promote collaboration and confidence for fruitful cooperation in the future.