SMD's 2017 International Graduate End of Year Event

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      In commemoration to the end of 2017 and start of a new year, on December 27th SMD's international graduate school threw a celebration, leaving many in high spirits. It was an evening of food, drinks, music, games, prizes and laughter. In the addition to the gathering of students and professors alike, Prof. Benqian Li, Dean of the school as well as Vice CPC Committee Secretary Prof. Chunmei Li also attended, to present the Dean’s List awards to the lucky few, distinguishing not only academic achievers, but also cultural ambassadors too.


     The event, organized by Dr. Qian Wang, teacher of International Graduate Programs in New Media as well as Duncan, a British student of the program with the help of other international students, was a great success. Photographs were taken, food eaten, drinks drank and chatter made, and by the end of the evening, everyone had left with a little part of SMD and festive feelings.

Written by Duncan Johnston