SMC Welcomes Int'l Graduate Students of 2019

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At the start of this new semester, School of Media and Communication, Shanghai Jiao Tong University welcomed 37 new international students who travelled far from all over the world to Shanghai.

International graduate programs of the school have been attracting more and more interests each year. 125 applications were received for this year’s programs. Among the new students there are 28 master students and 9 doctoral students. They come from 22 countries including the U.S., Australia, Russia, Bulgaria, Singapore, Thailand, Austria and etc., covering five continents of the world. 


International Graduate Students of 2019

School of Media and Communication offers a series of undergraduate and graduate programs taught in Chinese as well as two graduate programs taught in English: M.A. in New Media Studies and Ph.D. in New Media Studies. Currently there are nearly 300 overseas students studying in SMC, including 109 graduate students who come from over 60 countries. Some international students even graduated from world prestigious universities like University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, University College London, University of South California, Moscow State University and University of California-Los Angeles.

It has always been the school’s priority to pursue internationalization with a focus on its graduate programs taught in English. SMC has a strong faculty to support the programs, and it continues to look for talents around the globe to join them.