Contest Announcement: Experiencing China—“China Through My Eyes”:“Beautiful China” Short Video Contest for International Students in China

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To enrich international students' understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and society, especially the lucid waters and lush mountains in China, and to cultivate their innovative, creative and entrepreneurial abilities in new media communication, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has successfully held two “China Through My Eyes” Short Video Contests for International Students in China, which has received positive responses from international students from various universities across the country, exerting a wide range of social impact.

The third “China Through My Eyes”: “Beautiful China” Short Video Contest for International Students in China has been launched. It has also been successfully selected as an “Experiencing China” activity of the China Scholarship Council of the Ministry of Education. The contest is hosted by the China Scholarship Council, organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and supported by Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai United Media Group, Shanghai Media Group,, and other media.

Faced with the increasingly prominent challenge of global climate change, this competition aims to encourage international students to tell the authentic story of China through personal experience, on-site observation, and a unique first-person perspective. While expressing their real feelings and interesting discoveries, they will show the world China's real national conditions, culture, social life and beautiful sceneries, and call on all parties to join hands to tackle climate change and seek a harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In this way, the cross-cultural communication ability of international students can be improved, the level of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries can be enhanced, and the bridge between Chinese and foreign young students can be built.

The following are the contest details.


I. Contest Details

(1) Participant Requirements

Students with foreign nationality currently enrolled in universities in China are eligible to participate in this video contest. Contestants can apply to this video competition as individuals or in teams (Chinese students are allowed as team members).

(2) Language Requirements

Videos are required to be produced in the contestant’s native language or in English with Chinese or English subtitles.

(3) Video Requirements

Contestants will produce a short video, within 5 minutes, in their native language or in English with Chinese or English subtitles based on the "Beautiful China" theme and their personal experiences in China. The video can include speeches, interviews, stories, talent shows, or any other content the contestant wishes to present. Key judgment criteria will be originality, creativity, aesthetics, and artistic value.


II. Competition Timeline

1. Video Submission (May 16-August 31, 2024)

Videos should be submitted to the website:

(Please use your full name as the username. Also, please put nationality and university name in the “Description” subsection.)

Video specifications: H.264, 8Mbps, MP4 version, HD 1080p

2. Expert Reviewing (September 1- September 30, 2024)

A Review Committee will evaluate all the submitted videos and recommend winning videos to the Organizing Committee.

3. Results Announcement (October 10- October 16, 2024)

The organizing committee shall announce the final results of the competition on the designated website of the competition.

4. Winner Notifications and Awards Ceremony (November 2024)

An awards ceremony will be held and winning videos will be displayed on relevant platforms.


III. Awards

Grand Prize: 1 winner, 30,000 CNY

First Prize: 2 winners, 15,000 CNY each

Second Prize: 3 winners, 10,000 CNY each

Third Prize: 15 winners, 4,000 CNY each


IV. Contact Information

Organizing Committee Secretariat

Address: A104 School of Media and Communication, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

No 800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, 200240

Telephone: 021-34208622